Mua is the re-invention of the hammock. It boasts functionality and an appealing aesthetic. Mua is of an organic shape invoking the idea of two people intertwined. It looks like a big heart-shaped pendant, completed with an elegant chain, stylishly arching up. It was made for "lovers" who regularly seek refuge in this kind of comfortable atmosphere. It is also a place to relax while feeling the caress of the wind.

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  1. Specs
  2. Processes


Hanging double lounger
Heartshaped hammock for 2, made with an inner frame and a exterior surface of natural/synthetic fiber weave.

Tubular structure made in Steel

Chain options
Regular inox chain - steel wire

Fabric color
White - COM

Frame finish
Electroestatic painting in black, white or gray.

Frame surface options
Natural/Syntethic - Rattan/Wicker - various colors


Mua is a public and private space at the same time, described as a love nest, it is the perfect place to be with your loved one while still being the life of the party. Mua is for people who like to bring romance to a new level of sophistication.

A geometry inspired by the symbol of love; when viewed from a specific perspective it reveals a heart shape. The three-dimensional form of Mua mimics the positions of two people kissing, form and fuction working together making clear that it is a space where love just happens.

Ergonomically designed to fit two people where lovers lay down face to face just close enough to bring their lips together and have a romantic chat in a public context.

This lover¥s swing takes advantage of the old rattan weaving techniques honed in the small shops out of town and transforms this knowledge to create a light nest of love that can hang from a tree in the garden and withstand the weight of two people and their love.





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